Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fairy Tail

Today I wanna show you another anime I watch: Fairy Tail

It's a story about a world where magic is real and where guilds have to do jobs with their magic. It's about a read-haired guy named Natsu and his flying cat Happy who met a girl which wanna go to the guild "Fairy Tail", because she thinks they are the coolest guys out there.
This girl, Lucy, gets in trouble and Natsu helps her and tell her, that he's from Fairy Tail and she could join the guild.

And so the saga begins.

Also here the japanese site, some pictures and the intro (from yt):

Monday, August 30, 2010

Back from the future

Strange things happen if we let science research. They discovered, that meassurements performed in the future can influence the present…

If you wanna read more: check it out


Today I wanna show you a nice Anime which airs since Juli 2009. It's called K-On! (or けいおん (rom. keion)).

It's an Anime about 5 Girls which meet after school for their club activities and for eating cake and drinking tea.
Her activities are making music and after some time they need to get a name and have their first concert infront of all their schoolmates. They decided on naming themself Hōkago Tea Time (trans. After school tea time).

And then they rock \(˘+˘)/


One of my favourite game series out there.
For them who doe not know it:

And now. A little screenshot from the 8th chapter. Imperishable Night