Sunday, September 5, 2010


Today I wanna show you a japanese piece of furniture. It's called Kotatsu.
Kotatsu are desks with a blanket and a heater. They are used in the winter times in japan and the whole family is meeting there under the Kotatsu.

Here are some pictures of Touhous under Kotatsu and also a link for a DIY-Kotatsu

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

東方 Musik

Now I'll show you that touhou isn't just a game (which makes lots of fun), but also that there are big circles which make doujins and Musik.

Mostly they sell there stuff at the Comiket (a big convention in Tokyo).

But now here are some videos from IOSYS (one of the best circles imho):

Also: Did you know you can shorten your Youtube links?  for example or,
You can find this under the "Share" button in Youtube or use the video-ID (watch?v=<this here>)